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The Viral Marketing Mind-set

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Approach makes it VIRAL, Luck don’t!

When you think of marketing platform, what is the first option that comes to your mind? Social media is an obvious answer and no one can deny that.

Social media marketing has always been a favorite strategy for marketers to advertise their products.

Viral marketing is a technique where a person uses the internet content provider to spread instant viral advertisement content of any product or service on the social media platform

A law of viral marketing is when the viral product ad spreads fast to your targeted audience, then the product's demand increases.

Presence of numerous platforms has made it difficult also. Viral marketing approach is one of the best organic methods to market your product.

Viral marketing mindset has grown among advertisers where users spread their message to other websites, platforms, and social media by just conveying information with conversation or sharing.

Smart phones and social interaction play important role in spreading such messages.

Viral marketing strategy can be simply forwarding information of product with friends over Whatsapp, messages, Facebook, or YouTube video etc. Even Gmail’s newsletters are one such method.

Content is essential in viral marketing. It works on awesome content, the proper time of pushing your content on media and how much is your content relevant.

Luck plays important role, but “only luck” isn’t a thing when it comes to take advantage.

"A big fat yes" social Media a good source of Viral Marketing

To understand the fact you need to know what is the algorithm of social media in increasing the reach of your product, service, or content to your targeted audience.

Each of social media platform works on different algorithm. Viral marketing is also touched with same algorithm.

You will have to accept that these algorithms can change anytime, you can’t control! Yes, that never remains same. So getting recognized through organic search in social media is equally difficult.

How Facebook algorithm works?For instance; Facebook’s algorithm earlier worked on type of posts you liked, and showed the similar things which you liked.

But the algorithm isn’t same now; it has changed over time and now based on relevancy scores and posts appearing on your news feeds.

Relevancy scores of ads have come up in Facebook’s new method, where they chose to predict which ad will be relevant to you, or which ad people are more likely to like and react.

They started studying the scores and graphs to calculate the statics. Later they added “Prioritize who to see first” and “News feed preferences” which came up as new feature.

These things may not always help in Viral Marketing tactics, but also harm your market reach to great aspect. So depending completely on such platform isn’t always successful.

Easy Methods of Organic Viral Marketing

Keeping in mind about the awesome content you have made, it’s possible that people voluntarily share your content but you need to plan to put in front of them.

  1. Social outreach

  2. Get your product advertised in blog

  3. Media coverage

  • Social Outreach

The method of Viral Marketing includes social reach where you can plan to spread your message through some influences.

You can directly reach them and ask them to put your content in front of audience. But if you plan before reaching them, that would add worth to your method of viral marketing.

But the content you provide them must be extra-ordinary so that they find it worth time spending and put your content in-front of their followers. So a good content and time of reaching audience plays important role.

  • Get your product advertised in blog

Strategize your viral marketing method with bloggers who have high reach of subscribers, email newsletter subscribers. This would make your content reach to large number of people. Pitch your product to bloggers in such a way that they themselves are convinced and don’t need second thought to advertise it.

But, why would they it for you?

The answer is, you should have built such relation with them in any way i.e., you are in contact with them since long time and that they know you.

  • Make sure your content is not too promotional

  • Try to create Incentives for both parties i.e. Blogger and Reader so that it’s a win-win situation

  • Plan strategy as how they are going to flash your product and most importantly, the time of pushing newsletter where your product is featured, since TIME has always been game changer in getting audience

Hook: Try with Bloggers with whom you have built strong connection in any way, i.e. social relation or personal connection, so that you can communicate with them well, because a good relation speaks louder.

  • Media Coverage: The above title may disturb you as how to get media coverage, but you have to check about the content and work on it. Getting featured in some news sites will definitely high traffic for you. To make it simpler, let’s look on some points as how viral marketing works.

  • Material Matters: Create content which is news worthy, which sites or publications will find worthy to be published and readers will love to read.

  • Find your Bloggers: Find those columnist or bloggers who are already about your niche. They already have large volume of readers. List down such writers and bloggers and get the information where they publish their content. This is the highly effective Viral Marketing Method, but Strategy is important, remember that.

  • Email copy:Form email copy of your content and start pushing them to subscribers if you have. Keep content short and engaging.

Strategies for Viral Marketing

As you have understood, viral marketing is something which becomes viral across internet with social reach. Channel, engagement, target audience & reach are all important concepts to understand how to make viral marketing effective.

Some hook points that is guaranteed to work for effective viral marketing:

  • Don’t try to please everyone for your product as it's not for everyone. So, only go for target audience.

  • Never go for the content which readers usually skip, always create your own content which is unique.

  • EASILY SHARED CONTENTS are loved by all. Don’t propel readers to annoying actions while sharing. You won’t make audience, rather YOU LOSE THEM.

  • CONNECT WITH EMOTION. Unless you connect, it won’t make it Viral! Viral is all about stuff appealing to people, whether it’s news, content or anything around world. EMOTION is important to connect.

Again it’s a must nothing thing that CONTENT & TIME are factors of great importance.

If you have done Viral Marketing ever, which one worked for you? If you have found something new, write down in the comment below.

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