Sunil Sethy

Business Development Manager

Sunil is a Business Development Manager, proving his competency in our research work and developing new business opportunity. Has continuously proved his skills in knowing and identifying market research for our clients, has sharp knowledge of new trends in market, new technologies and platforms, and brought new customers for our clients.

Strategic thinking, and his ability to set and manage bigger picture has helped to develop and improve business for clients.

Developing client relationship with his prowess in understanding of business strategies. Carries out business sales forecast, analysis and reports. Dealing with all internal and external challenges for clients where more diversified solution is required.

Also a content writer who specializes on technology and online marketing. This helps him in generating the exact planning for business development by understanding where and on what readers are engaged to read.

Delivers high-quality content, which engages with clients’ audiences and helped spread the word about their services. Makes people reach your brand by making them understand your brand, service or product